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Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, Creative Comfort™ products enable crafters to keep doing what they love - while supporting, warming and providing pain relief to their thumbs, hands, wrists, back and neck.

Crafter's Comfort Gloves

Crafter's Comfort Gloves


Choose Gloves Size:
Creative Comfort Crafter's Comfort Gloves Small (+13.75)
Creative Comfort Crafter's Comfort Gloves Medium (+13.75)
Creative Comfort Crafter's Comfort Gloves Large (+13.75)

Support, comfort and relief for active or aching hands

The Creative Comfort™ Crafter’s Comfort Gloves are made from a seamless,lightweight, soft cotton/Lycra® compression knit, for a snug fit that warms and supports the hands. The unique design helps improve circulation, reduce swelling and relieve arthritis pain. The open fingertips allow full freedom to feel and grip all day. Wear by themselves, as glove liners under the other Crafter’s Glove series, or under winter or gardening gloves, for maximum comfort while doing your favorite activities. Washable for easy care. Colours may vary, light green or brown.

To select the correct size, measure the width of the hand at the knuckles. Wear a small for up to 3 1/8", a medium for up to 3 1/2" and a large for up to 4".

Key Benefits
• Provides mild compression for warmth, support and to control swelling
• Open fingertips allow freedom to feel and grip
• Soft cotton/Lycra® allows skin to breath and keeps hands dry
• Comfortable enough to wear all day and all night
• Sold in pairs, sizes S, M, and L

Use for:
• Keeping hands warm during crafting activities
• Relief from arthritis pain and swelling
• Providing support to active hands.
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Crafter's Thumb Glove

Crafter's Thumb Glove


Choose Gloves Size:
Crafter’s Thumb Glove, Small - Creative Comfort (+14.95)
Crafter’s Thumb Glove, Medium - Creative Comfort (+14.95)
Crafter’s Thumb Glove, Large - Creative Comfort (+14.95)

All Purpose Comfort and Support for the Thumb
The Creative Comfort™ Crafter’s Thumb Glove provides flexible support, while allowing full use of the thumb. It helps prevent and relieve thumb pain caused by repetitive motion activities. The glove features a foam wrist cushion and flexible thumb splints, and is covered with breathable cotton/Lycra® fabric for comfort and easy care. Colours may vary, light green or brown.

To select the correct size, measure the width of the hand at the knuckles. Wear a small for up to 3 1/4", a medium for up to 3 3/4" and a large for up to 4 1/4".

Key Benefits
• Helps prevent & relieve thumb pain
• Provides stability and support to the thumb during crafting
• Flexible splints allow full use of thumb
• Cushions and protects the underside of the wrist
• Reversible to fit either left or right hand
• One glove per pack
• Available in Small, Medium or Large

Use for:
• Support during craft projects
• Support during home improvement projects
• deQuervains
• Arthritis
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Wrist Support Wrap - Creative Comfort

Ref: 10069

In stock



Support for Active Hands
The Creative Comfort™ Wrist Support Wrap fi ts securely around the wrist, cushioning and protecting it during daily activities. The unique combination of stretchy cotton/Lycra® and comfort foam provides maximum support. All day wrist comfort at home, work or while crafting!

Key Benefits
• Provides adjustable support and compression
• Cushions and protects the wrist
• Made with soft cotton/Lycra® to ensure cool, dry comfort
• Lined with Comfort Foam
• Velcro® closure offers a custom fit
• One size fits left or right hand
• Colour: Brown

Use for:
• Support during crafting
• Activities with extensive wrist motion
• Wrist sprains or strains
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Weak or injured wrists

ShoulderSaver™ - Creative Comfort

Ref: 10073

In stock



Was £7.95 now down to £4.95

Relief When Carrying Heavy Bags
The Creative Comfort™ ShoulderSaver™ is the ergonomic solution for carrying heavy bags. No more straps digging into your shoulder! The strap cushion features an innovative ergoBeads™ pouch that distributes the weight of the bag evenly across the shoulder, minimizing the impact. ergoBeads™ also provide a massaging effect, making the bag much more comfortable to carry.

Key Benefits
• ergoBeads™ fi lling keeps bag straps from digging into your shoulders
• Non-slip lining ensures shoulder strap stays in place
• Velcro® closure allows easy adjustment
• Colour: Green

Use for:
• Craft tote bags
• Luggage
• Diaper bags
• Briefcases
• Laptops
• Arm Slings

Soothing Wrist Rest - Creative Comfort

Ref: 10070

In stock



Tiny size, BIG comfort!
The Creative Comfort™ Soothing Wrist Rest is a small item that makes a big difference in comfort. The Wrist Rest offers great support in a petite-sized item – so it doesn’t take up a lot of room on your desk and it’s perfect for traveling. Available in brown
Features a non-skid bottom to keep it in place. Bright, fun color assortment to be determined.

Key Benefits
• Cushions and massages your wrists while you work
• Cool and comfortable
• Small enough to take anywhere
• Colour: Brown
• Doubles as a squeezable stress relief pack

Use for:
• Supporting your arm during close work, during beading and scrapbooking, etc.
• Mousing
• Squeezable stress relief

Patchwork & Quilting |  Creative Comfort

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Creative Comfort Gloves

Creative Comfort Gloves
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, Creative Comfort products enable crafters to keep doing what they love. More details...