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Double Wedding Ring Template Set by Marti Michell

Double Wedding Ring Template Set by Marti Michell

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Double Wedding Ring Template set using laser cut rotary cutting templates with holes to make matching seams easy. The finished circle is approximately 17" based on a 12" square and can be made with a solid arc, a pieced arc or no arc at all.

The 28-page booklet includes thorough well-illustrated instructions using Marti's unique construction method on Double Wedding ring, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Lafayette's Orange Peel, Improved Nine Patch and Patti's Improved Pinwheel. Yardage requirements for multiple sizes and designs are given. A Pickle Dish variation using the paper piecing method which can be scanned or photocopied is also included.
Produced by: Marti Michell
Product Type: Rotary Cutters Mats, Cutters and Patchwork Rulers
Producers Code: 8017


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