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6 x 24 Quilting Rulers

6 x 24 Quilting Rulers

The 6 x 24 inch quilting ruler is the standard size of quilting ruler and if you only have one or two rulers then the 6 x 24 inch should be one of those. You can use 6 x 24 rulers for initial cuts, for cutting long strips , squaring up and other basic tasks. We stock a wide variety of 6 x 24 rulers from the leading patchwork brands

Omnigrip 6

Omnigrip 6" x 24" Non-Slip Patchwork Ruler

Ref: 8802

In stock

An all-purpose basic ruler for beginners to advanced. If you're wondering which ruler to get first - this is it! Includes 30, 45 and 60 degree angle markings plus 1/8" markings throughout. The 24" length stretches across the width of fabric as unfolded from the bolt, making it easy to cut long strips.

Omnigrip patchwork rulers are made from heavy duty acrylic. They have neon-coloured markings and slide easily across fabric. press down and the backing "grips" the fabrics so you can rotary-cut with confidence. Use right or left handed without flipping.

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: 610212



Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 6

Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 6" X 24"

Ref: 115

In stock

The most popular Omnigrid rule - the basic rule for any patchworker. Allows the user to cut double-folded fabrics off the bolt accurately using the contrasting yellow and black lines - perfect for almost every fabric colour.

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: R24



Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 6.5

Omnigrid Patchwork Ruler 6.5" X 24"

Ref: 8504

In stock

This transparent ruler features an extra 1/2in seam allowance for cutting 6in finished borders with 30, 45 and 60 degree angles for right or left handed use.

Contrasting yellow and black lines allow the grid to be seen on light or dark fabrics. Heavy duty acrylic with a thickness that allows large rotary cutters to cut multiple layers of fabric at a time.

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: R6524



Olfa 6
Olfa 6" x 24" Patchwork Ruler  - view 1Olfa 6" x 24" Patchwork Ruler  - view 2

Olfa 6" x 24" Patchwork Ruler

Ref: 14114

In stock

Olfa 6" x 24" essential patchwork ruler. Non-slip with black markings. Compass point for cutting and marking right angles. Measurements are clear on dark & light fabrics. Easy to read numbers and gridlines. 1in grid with 1/2in, 1/4in, and 1/8in increments.

This OLFA® ruler makes any project easier, whether you're working with fabrics, paper or other materials.

Good For: precise measurements and cutting angles for sewing and quilting

Produced by: Olfa

Part Number: QR624



Fiskars 6

Fiskars 6" X 24" Patchwork Ruler

Ref: 14484

In stock

Fiskars acrylic patchwork ruler in the patchwork standard 6" x 24" size. For measuring and cutting perfect squares, strips, triangles. For easy triangle or star patterns, the angle lines are clearly marked at 30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree. Imperial measurements.

Produced by: Fiskars

Material: Acrylic

Part Number: F8734



Hemline Gold Patchwork Ruler
Hemline Gold Patchwork Ruler - view 1Hemline Gold Patchwork Ruler - view 2Hemline Gold Patchwork Ruler - view 3

Hemline Gold Patchwork Ruler

Ref: 14531

In stock

Premium patchwork ruler in the most popular size, with easy to read gold printed imperial measurements. Made from tough and durable acrylic laser-cut for smooth, accurate cutting. Features 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angle lines. Ideal for using with a rotary cutter and suitable for crafting, quilting and patchwork. Designed for left and right hand use. Wipe clean only.

Size 24" x 6.5".

Produced by: Hemline Gold

Part Number: 4188.HG



Omnigrip 4

Omnigrip 4" x 24" Protractor Ruler

Ref: 14120

In stock

Omnigrip Non-Slip Protractor Ruler

Measure, draw or cut any angle
Create circular quilt and craft designs
Cut any shape - wedge, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and more
Highlighted features for use on light and dark fabrics
Precision measurement scale
For use with rotary cutters

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: RA424



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