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Aleene's No Sew Glue: 4oz Bottle

Aleene's No Sew Glue: 4oz Bottle

Ref: 11612

In stock

Use Aleene's® No Sew Fabric Glue™ to create quick costumes, hem garments and make temporary stitching.

Aleene’s® No-Sew Fabric Glue™ is ideal for fabric and decorative crafting with both natural and synthetic fabrics.
You can use this unique nontoxic Aleene’s® No-Sew Fabric Glue™ for temporary stitching and basting, but it is not intended to permanently adhere washable, wearable projects. For permanent adhesion, try Aleene’s® OK to Wash-It (11614)™.

Try it with:
* fabric
* ribbons
* trims
* felt
* quilting

1. Apply a thin coat to fabric. 2. Let set until a skin is formed. 3. Apply a second light coat. 4. Press fabrics together. 5. Clean excess with a damp cloth. 6. Washes out of most fabrics. 7. Always test for best results.

Each No Sew fabric glue bottle contains 4-oz. (118ml)

Conforms to Nontoxic ASTM D-4236

Produced by: Aleene's

Part Number: 15626



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