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Aurifil 40 Cotton Thread 4093 Jade

Aurifil 40 Cotton Thread 4093 Jade

Ref: 8245-4093

In stock

40 Weight Egyptian Cotton thread from Aurifil. Hand and Machine Applications. Large Spools 1094yd/1000m.

Hand Piecing
Our customers love this weight for Hand Piecing

Machine Piecing
40wt gives a perfect result with a nice flat seam.

Machine Quilting
Perfect for quilting when you want to create texture, and also when you want to create a quilted motif that stands out a bit more. Use 40wt or 50 wt of the same color in the bobbin. Use a Sharp/Microtex quilting or even denim needles 80/12.

Machine Appliqué
Suitable for almost all machine appliqué techniques including raw edge appliqué with a straight stitch, small zig zag, blind hemming stitch, blanket stitch and buttonhole stitches.

Machine Embroidery
40wt is the most popular machine embroidery thread weight .

Produced by: Aurifil

Material: Cotton

Part Number: NE/40 4093



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