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Bernina Ruffler Adapter #77

Bernina Ruffler Adapter #77

Ref: 12579

In stock

Adapter shank # 77 (short) is the shortened version of Adapter shank # 75 (standard).

Serving as a connecting piece between needle bar and accessory, Adapter shank # 75 (standard) allows other manufacturers' presser feet to be used on BERNINA machines.
If these feet are short-shanked, they won't fit on the machine's standard holder without an adapter.

By contrast, Adapter shank # 77 (short) is used e.g. with BERNINA sewing accessories such as Simple binder # 85 or Ruffler attachment # 86, and Westalee Ruler feet.

Bernina 77 Adapter

Produced by: Bernina

Part Number: 0083687000



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