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COVID-19 Information

Lockdown rules may be changing over time, but the Covid-19 is still going to have a big impact on our business for the foreseeable future. We appreciate and thank you for your custom, but we want to set realistic expectations when you order from us. Please note the following:

1) The average order is taking approximately 10-14 working days to be delivered. Under normal circumstances this would be 3-4 days, but we have an increased order level with fewer staff to process them. The post office service is also affected in certain areas which can cause a further delay that is beyond our control.
2) In order to process orders as fast as possible we have had to suspend the telephone service. If you need to get in touch please email mailorder@cottonpatch.co.uk. If it is less than 15 days since you placed your order please do not email to ask how your order is progressing.
3) Credit card payment processing. After you place an order you may see "payment pending" on your statement if you bank online. This is because we do not process the charge until we despatch your order. However, "payment pending" (or similar) will automatically disappear from your statement after 7 days. We are still able to charge your card after this time. It does not mean we have cancelled your order!
4) Our shop. We have limited space and in order to observe social distancing we are having to use the shop area for processing online orders. It will not be possible to reopen the shop until social distancing rules are relaxed. However, from July we will be offering a click and collect option for orders placed online if you are a local customer and would prefer to collect from the shop rather than have your order posted.
5) Backorders. We try to set realistic expected delivery dates if we have to backorder an item for you, but the whole supply chain is under strain at the moment. If we become aware of an extended delay we will try to advise you, but it is not always possible to get accurate information from our suppliers.
6) Our staff. Some of our key staff, for various reasons, have been unable to return to work since the lockdown began. We hope to see them back at work as soon as possible, but until that happens our business will remain compromised to some degree. We are proud of our customer service record and are aware that, under the current conditions, it is not always operating to the standard we would expect. Please bear with us during this difficult time.

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