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Children's Quilting Fabrics

Children's Quilting Fabrics

Below is the selection of our fabrics for Babies, Nurseries and Children.
Baby Quilt Advice for a Baby under a year old

Baby Quilt Advice for a Baby under a year old

Our advice is that we can not recommend any products that are for the cot itself such as a sleeping quilt or cot bumper. We follow the advice that:

If your baby is under a year old:
• don’t use a duvet, quilt or pillow
• use one or more layers of light blankets or use a baby sleeping bag.

Therefore we can not recommend a particular wadding for baby quilts. However a playmat for the floor is an excellent idea and helps to save your carpets! A wadding such as our Dream Puff range provides a good loft so that the playmat is nice and soft.

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