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Quilt & Sew Ruler - 2" x 18" with 1/8 grid

Quilt & Sew Ruler - 2

Ref: 12761

In stock

The Quilt and Sew Ruler is the perfect tool for drafting any size patchwork or applique pattern. It is also a valuable measuring aid for all home sewing projects. It is made of clear- see-through- flexible plastic- with laminated permanent printing. 1/8" markings for parallel and perpendicular lines. 1/16" markings around outer edge.

It has a zero centering scale with holes pierced every 1/2 inch. These special features eliminate the need for graph paper- compass and the draftsman triangle when drafting patterns for your quilting projects.

Makes a perfect right angle - enabling you to make an accurate square - a must for the basic block used in most patchwork and applique pattern drafting.

See this pdf for ways on how to use the Quilt & Sew Ruler

Produced by: Collins

Part Number: C96



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