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Curiosities & Mischief

Curiosities & Mischief

Ref: 4941

Author: Nancy Halvorsen

This book is dedicated to all of my wonderful kids and grandkids, full of curiosity, mischief, wonder, energy and love. Kids are the best! These projects will make their lives more bright and fun. 16 projects for children.

Building Blocks Quilt, Petal Pop Quilt, Play Rules Quilt, Alphabet Name Quilt, Building Blocks Pillow Sham, Nap Mats, Owl Pillow, Robot Pillow, My Favourite Things Growth Chart, Petal Pop Pillow Sham, Ruffle Pillow, Football Pillow, dot Quilts, Everything Pillows, Three of a Kind Pillows, Tooth Fairy Pillows.

Produced by: Art to Heart

Part Number: 546B

ISBN: 632552005464



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