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Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid

Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid

Ref: 10302

In stock

Double Suction Cups for patchwork rulers. Provides a steady grip on your ruler and keeps fingers away from rotary blade when cutting. *Works on clean, smooth surface rulers or templates * Attaches in seconds *Easy to use!

1. Flip up both black levers to release suction cups. 2. Place Ruler Grip against surface. 3. Gently press down on Grip while flipping down both levers. 4. Position ruler or template for cutting and press down on Grip to keep ruler in place. To remove Ruler Grip, flip up both levers and slide finger under suction cups to break the seal.

Please note: Not suitable for use with the TrueCut range of patchwork rulers.

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: 2229



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