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Fons & Porter Design Wall

Fons & Porter Design Wall
Fons & Porter Design Wall - view 1Fons & Porter Design Wall - view 2

Ref: 13397

Fons and Porter Design Wall. Flannel one side, vinyl with grid lines on reverse. Grommets on top of design wall to facilitate hanging.

60 inch x 72 inch size is excellent for travel - class or home.

Flannel allows you to arrange patchwork - quilt blocks and quilt sections on the Design Wall without pinning! 2 inch grid lines are easy to see. Diagonal lines for aligning locks set on point.

When hanging the Design Wall - choose a wall surface that is free from any protruding elements such as windows -doors-mouldings- nails etc. Patchwork elements and fabric pieces adhere best when the Design Wall lies against a flat - smooth wall surface

Produced by: Fons & Porter

Part Number: 7860



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