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Gutermann Sew-All 20 Reel Thread Pack

Gutermann Sew-All 20 Reel Thread Pack

Ref: 13190

In stock

20 reels of Gutermann Sew-All thread (100m reels). The Gutermann Sew All 20 Reel Thread Pack contains a comprehensive set of threads in popular basic colours.

Gutermann sew-all thread is the correct sewing thread for all materials and seams. It is suitable for stitching by sewing machine or by hand, regardless of the stitch type. Sew-all thread is designed to handle all demands providing high-quality and uniform sewing. Strong and durable seams result from the high tear and abrasion resistace of the sewing thread.

Produced by: Gutermann

Material: Polyester

Part Number: 734609\1



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