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Hem Repair No Sew

Vilene Wundaweb

Vilene Wundaweb

Ref: 8562

In stock

20mm x 5m tape. Bonds fabrics together for a no-sew hem.

Permanent Hems the Professional Way

Wundaweb Fusing Instructions.

Prefect hems on skirts, trousers, dresses, curtains etc.

Wundaweb is a fine, fusible fleece which bonds fabrics together quickly and easily, providing a natural, firmly jointed finish.

Produced by: Vilene

Part Number: 0905



Res-Q Tape Collins

Res-Q Tape Collins

Ref: 13222

A double sided clear adhesive tape that clings to fabric, paper, leather and leaves no residue. No Sewing - No Ironing - No Pins.

Instantly hems trousers and skirts. Holds low necklines in place. Keeps straps, shoulder pads, facings and bows in place. Prevents "gaposis" between buttons. Great for craft and home decorating projects.

Produced by: Collins

Part Number: C47



HeatnBond Ultra Tape Roll 5/8

HeatnBond Ultra Tape Roll 5/8" x 10 yds

Ref: 12870

In stock

This iron-on adhesive is the crafters choice over traditional fusible webs. It has a no-sew bond that is 3 times stronger than other webs. Adhesive can be used with a wide range of materials such as fabric, foil, lame, felt , suede, cardboard, leather and wood.

•Fusible adhesive is 5/8" x 10 yards.
•Perfect for craft and home decorating projects.
•Has a low temperature/short pressing time.
•Edges do not need to be sealed.
•HeatnBond UltraHold is an outstanding no-sew heat activated adhesive
•Materials won't lift or pucker.
•Materials can be machine washed.

Produced by: Thermo o web

Part Number: 3509/58



HeatnBond Lite Tape Roll 5/8

HeatnBond Lite Tape Roll 5/8" x 10 yds

Ref: 12866

In stock

HeatnBond® Lite is a roll of iron-on, sewable, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without extra weight or stiffness. Use it in place of pinning or basting and just stitch right through the adhered layers of fabric.

•5/8 in x 10 yards (16 mm x 9.1 m)
•Heat activated
•Double-sided adhesive
•For use on fabric
•Doesn’t gum up needles!

Produced by: Thermo o web

Part Number: 3347



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