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Little House of Quilts

Little House of Quilts
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Ref: 20223

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Author: Laura Stone Roberts

14 Nostalgic Quilts and Projects Inspired by the Writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The timeless charm of Little House books is reflected in 20 homespun quilts and projects inspired by the rural lifestyle and rustic color reflected in the stories that are beloved the world over. A lover of fashion, Caroline Ingalls made all her families' clothing and recycled the scraps for patchwork quilts. Making quilts was also part of what kept Laura and Mary Ingalls occupied when they were stuck in the house during Midwestern blizzards and needed something to keep them busy. Because their quilts were made using clothing scraps, the aesthetic - primarily richly coloured calico - is what fans associate with Little House books.

This quilting book is inspired by similar fabrications, patchwork techniques, and color schemes and includes 12 beautiful bed-sized quilts any prairie family would have cherished in their home. Still the designs are a timeless approach to warm any 21st century decor. Not only machine methods, but also hand quilting techniques are clearly detailed for "bonnet heads" who pride themselves on authenticity. This book includes some sidebars and tips suitable to "half-pints" to make it a perfect teaching tool for clubs, like brownies, church groups and home schoolers.

Produced by: Fons&Porter

ISBN: 9781440246326

Number of pages: 144



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