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Madeira Tear Away Cotton Soft Stabilizer

Madeira Tear Away Cotton Soft Stabilizer

Ref: 13286

In stock

Madeira Tear Away Cotton Soft Stabilizer. Size 30cm x 10m.

Madeira Cotton Soft Stabiliser is an excelllent all-purpose stabiliser, soft and gentle to the touch, yet strong and rigid enough for hooping and stitching. It will not stretch or distort stitches and tears away with the greatest of ease leaving a super-clean edge. The natural cotton fibres make it environmentally friendly and extremely good for baby and children's clothes, heirloom sewing, quilting and paper-piecing.

Ideal for: Machine embroidery, applique, buttonholes, monogramming, decorative embroidery and cut work

Produced by: Madeira

Part Number: 9436



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