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Marti Michell 9" Equilateral Triangle Tool (60 degree)

Marti Michell 9

Ref: 8280

In stock

For cutting 3" to 9" triangles-spiders web, etc.

Making quilts with equilateral triangles has never been easier—especially whenusing Marti's hexagon and diamond templates. They're great for Baby Blocks and Thousand Pyramids quilts, but they are perfect for patterns like Seven Sisters that combine hexagons or diamonds with equilateral triangles. The best part is, the dog ears are automatically removed as you cut the pieces, resulting in perfectly matched pieces for accurate sewing and less bulk at intersections so pressing is easier, too.

Other equilateral triangle rulers measure the height of the triangle from the center of the bottom to the top point. But what size is that? It depends.

A triangle that measures 3 inches through the center is actually bigger than one that measures 3 inches on a side. A 3-inch tall equilateral triangle is fine for patterns like A Thousand Pyramids: But for designs such as Sugarloaf Mountain, you need an equilateral triangle with the same side measurement as the sides of the triangular unit to which it will be sewn. That is when our size-defined pieces work perfectly!

All From Marti Michell 60-degree family members are size-defined by the length of the finished side. We made this decision for quiltmaking projects because the finished side is the only measurement that is common to all of the shapes in the family.

Pieces cut with these rulers fit perfectly with hexagon Template Sets G, H and Mini Geometrics Set N.

You'll love making hexagon quilts with our templates and triangle rulers!

Produced by: Marti Michell

Part Number: 8963



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