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Mistyfuse White Interfacing

Mistyfuse White Interfacing

Ref: 14595

In stock

Mistyfuse is a sheer fusible interfacing that creates a lasting bond without bulk and won't gum up needles. Suitable for most fabrics, from velvets & cottons to delicate tulle misty fuse.

White 20in x 90in, 20" x 2.5 yards (51cm x 229cm)

Environmentally friendly product. Ultra strong, stays soft. No bulk. Solvent free, no added adhesives. Suitable for wide variety of materials.

Ultrafine, 100% thermoplastic polymer resin fusible for the fibre arts and more.

Produced by: Attached Inc

Part Number: EAWF01



Goddess Sheet
Goddess Sheet - view 1Goddess Sheet - view 2Goddess Sheet - view 3

Goddess Sheet

Ref: 14596

In stock

The Goddess Sheet® is sure to become your indispensable fusing tool. The Goddess Sheet combines a slick Teflon®-coated sheer fiberglass — for a long-lasting, nonstick transparent sheet that that speeds ironing time, plus puts a helpful glossy sheen on fused surfaces — with the Goddess Curve™. Inspired by the goddesses of antiquity … who knew a thing or two about curves … the Goddess Curve™ is your reliable guide to accident-free fusing.

The Goddess Curve is there to help you dedicate one side of the sheet to your iron only and the other side to contact with fusible. The glossy sheen is there to make it obvious which side of your fabric has the Mistyfuse on it (since with Mistyfuse is pretty invisible when ironed onto fabric!) Designed to be used with fusible, the Goddess Sheet is also suitable for all types of crafts.

Size: 10.75" x 16.5"

Produced by: Attached Inc

Part Number: GS01



Bunny Paper
Bunny Paper - view 1Bunny Paper - view 2Bunny Paper - view 3

Bunny Paper

Ref: 14597

In stock

Was £17.10 now down to £14.10

Printable, nonstick, reusable paper for fusible applique pattern transfer. Eliminate the tedium—and frustration—of reversing pattern shapes. Print multiples in moments. Print or copy patterns onto Bunny Paper for quick, perfect, easy transfer to the back or front of fuse-backed fabric. Safe for inkjet and laser printers

The manufacturers state that this paper can be wiped clean and reused multiple times!

Made of: Paper
Use: Applique Pattern Transfer Paper
Size: 8.5in x 14in
Included: 8 sheets

Produced by: Attached Inc

Part Number: ATTBP01



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