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Modern Landscapes Fabric: Shaman Panel

Modern Landscapes Fabric: Shaman Panel
Modern Landscapes Fabric: Shaman Panel - view 1Modern Landscapes Fabric: Shaman Panel - view 2

Ref: 9020-14

In stock

'Shaman' means medicine man or woman in ancient cultures. They often used medicinal herbs and remedies as healing agents. Here, the title reflects the power of the flora in hilly regions like that featured here - the Santa Ynez mountains and bluffs of Santa Barbara, California. They provide the structural substrate necessary for geological stability. When foliage is lost after wildfires, like those common in this area due to climate change-induced droughts, landslides and erosion of the topsoil can occur. The large structural feature at the top of the painting is symbolic of both the midcentury-modern California Rancho architecture of the area, and of the plant-enabled structure critical for stability in these biomes.

The price shown for this fabric is per 34.6"/88cm panel.
Fabric width is approximately 42" - 44" (108 - 112cm).

Designed by: Noelle Phares

Fabric produced by: Paintbrush Studio

Material: Cotton

Part Number: 120-21517
Modern: Nautical:



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