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Odicoat Waterproof Adhesive Gel

Odicoat Waterproof Adhesive Gel
Odicoat Waterproof Adhesive Gel - view 1Odicoat Waterproof Adhesive Gel - view 2

Ref: 13113

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Tranparent and odourless, acid-free and solvent-free, Odicoat gives an oilcloth waxed appearance to the fabric while protecting it. Once applied, the fabric cnan be sewn, cut, hand or machine washed. Dries in 30 minutes to the touch and completely dry within 12 hours. Odicoat is also used as a glue, it allows adhering fabrics onto all surfaces. Apply with a brush

Once dry it creates an insulating film that resists stains and humidty inside and out.

Use as a fabric glue for sticking to wood, cardboard, metal, glass, ceramic, pottery, styrofoam, stone.

250ml Jar.

Note. Clean the paintbrush with warm water, test all materials and media before use.

Wash hands after use. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

• To coat your fabrics:
Place the fabric on a plastic surface.
Spread the Odicoat® with a flat brush. 1 layer for a water repellent look, 2 layers for a coated fabric look and 3 layers for a waxed / satin finish. Leave to dry for 20 minutes between the layers, flat or suspended. Final drying after 24h. To make your fabric washable at 30 ° C, iron, hot and without steam, after protecting your work with baking paper (parchment) or similar.

• Collage and decoration in fabric:
Apply glue with a flat brush and put the fabric on the surface. Pass a layer of Odicoat® to cover the laid fabric. For optimal protection of your decorated objects, you can apply 2 layers at 1 hour intervals. After 24 hours of drying, the decorated object will have a satin appearance, resistant to wear and cleaning.

Produced by: Odif

Part Number: ODICOAT



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