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Omnigrid 31.5cm x 31.5cm Lap Board

Omnigrid 31.5cm x 31.5cm Lap Board

Ref: 187

In stock

Metric Omnigrid Ruler

For cutting large squares or squaring up blocks and quilts. Metric markings with clear yellow and black enable the ruler to be used on a wide variety of fabrics.

The following example will square a 30cm block. To square up the block, divide the block size in half (i.e. 15cm) and then locate the 15cm intersection on the Omnigrid ruler grid by finding the diagonal number.

Place the 15cm intersection at the centre of the block and then trim the strips off of two sides (call them A&B)

Rotate the remaining fabric a full turn and then align the 30cm grid marks on the corners of A&B (your 15cm diagonal will remain on the centre).

Now cut the strips off of the other two sides C&D= perfect 30cm square block

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: R3131



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