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Omnigrid Marking Trio

Omnigrid Marking Trio

Ref: 10205

In stock

Use these rulers to quickly and accurately perform a variety of marking tasks. The center line is exactly 1/4" from both edges of the ruler. This provides an accurate reference line for: marking 1/4" sewing lines , adding 1/4" seam allowances, checking 1/4" seam allowances, marking 1/4" quilting lines. The three ruler lengths accomodate a variety of different size marking tasks. Use a pencil with a fine, sharp point for the most accurate mark.

CAUTION: Do not use rulers with rotary cutters, knives or other cutting instruments. Rulers are designed for marking use only. Injury may result if rulers are used for cutting and trimming tasks.

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: R1264S



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