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YLI Bobbinfill Threads

YLI Lingerie and Bobbin Thread, Black

YLI Lingerie and Bobbin Thread, Black

Ref: 8694

In stock

A super fine spun nylon for use in the bobbin for machine embroidery. 1200 yard spool (1097m).

YLI Nylon Bobbin Thread is very strong with little stretch. Its excellent in the sewing machine or serger, on nylon tricot, or light weight woven synthetic. It is an excellent bobbin thread for machine embroidery, machine beadwork and lingerie construction. These threads are very economical, lightweight, and allow you to wind a great deal onto your bobbins. This means you won't have to re-wind your bobbins as often. The fine nature of this bobbin thread makes it a great choice for delicates and lingerie.

Produced by: YLI

Part Number: 4209



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