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Prym Pom Pom Maker 2 in 1, Small

Prym Pom Pom Maker 2 in 1, Small
Prym Pom Pom Maker 2 in 1, Small - view 1Prym Pom Pom Maker 2 in 1, Small - view 2Prym Pom Pom Maker 2 in 1, Small - view 3

Ref: 13647

In stock

Makes 5cm diameter and 3.5cm diameter pom poms.
Perfect tool for making dense pompoms
Size discs are easy to change – one tool, two sizes
Practical grip and fastening make winding the yarn effortless.
Easy to use with an attractive design

One tool – two versions: The Prym Pompom Maker 2 in 1 is as simple to use as it is brilliant, because its comfortable handle lets you make two different sizes of pompom, as if by magic. This tool makes changing from one disc set to another disc size simple and convenient. The fastening ensures that the pompoms become wonderfully dense. The practical handle ensures that pompoms are easy to make and the wool winds efficiently. With this tool and your creativity making perfect, dense pompoms to brighten up keys or bags is quick and easy. In addition, the Pompom Maker 2 in 1 has an attractive, eye-catching design and is made from high quality plastic. Inclusive step-by step instructions with fantastic designs from MYK Berlin.

Produced by: Prym

Part Number: 624180



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