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PureLite Ultra Quad Spectrum Floor Lamp

PureLite Ultra Quad Spectrum Floor Lamp
PureLite Ultra Quad Spectrum Floor Lamp - view 1PureLite Ultra Quad Spectrum Floor Lamp - view 2PureLite Ultra Quad Spectrum Floor Lamp - view 3

Ref: 11860

In stock

The Purelite Ultra Quad Specturm Floor Lamp is the perfect Craft Lamp for how we use lighting today.

It has touch sensitive light controls that can adjust to four colour spectrums and brightness to suit your needs any time of the day.

Warm: In the 3000k range is a traditional yellow light that is comfortable to live under, particularly for reading and other relaxing activities.
Natural: In the 4000k range, shows colours exactly as they are. Ideal for crafters.
Daylight: In the 5000k range, just a slight hint of blue, its ideal when working on projects late at night, when you're looking for a soft light that's gentle on the eyes.
Cool: In the 6000k range. This light is the purest of whites. This is ideal for picking details or where high definition is required wtih your craft project work.

4 adjustable brightness settings for each colour spectrum.

Uses LED technology producing more light with virtually no heat and no bulb to replace. Mains operated.

Flexible neck for easy positioning.

Energy rating A+

Produced by: Purelite

Part Number: CFPL18



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