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Quilters Flexible Curve Ruler

Quilters Flexible Curve Ruler

Ref: 8868

In stock

A flexible, 50cm (20") ruler with metric and imperial measurements. Bend to shape to draw quilting or appliqué patterns, template shapes etc.

Do piecework with an infinite variety of curves
Trace curved quilting lines
Design and sew curved colour-blocking easily.
Make curved appliques with graceful lines easily with perfect placement
Lay down random or measured curved lines for sequins, beading, pearls, ribbons or trim.
Duplicate curves when designing cutwork
Pattern and dressmaking
Use as a design tool for creating armholes and necklines
Duplicate actual body curves
Add design lines to a pattern
Add features such as scallops or waves to a front button placket, hem or pocket

Produced by: Sew Easy

Part Number: ER186

Ean Number: 9317385025483



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