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Quilting Rulers

Quilting Rulers

Quilting Rulers

The term quilting rulers needs some explanation about what it actually means. It would suggest that it is a ruler for quilting. Now the quilting on a patchwork quilt is the threadwork that holds the three pieces of the quilt sandwich together. The patchwork top, the inner wadding and the backing. Quilting has two different meanings, in America it refers to the craft of quilting, making a quilt, in the UK it is part of the craft of patchwork quilting. There are a number of these differences, another obvious examples is the use of wadding in the UK and batting in America for the same inner quilt layer.

Google and Bing which are the two largest search engines are American and so they push forward quilting as the default term. Thus they suggest quilting fabric over patchwork fabric. This causes some difficulty for the Cotton Patch as we supply the Westalee Quilting Rulers. This is a specific range of rulers and templates that work with the Westalee Sewing Machine Feet to allow you to free motion quilt on your domestic sewing machine.

If however you are looking for rulers and templates to cut up your fabric into different shapes and sizes then we supply a large range of patchwork rulers. Many of these are thicker pieces of acrylic which are designed to work with rotary cutters.
Best Selling Quilting Rulers

Best Selling Quilting Rulers

So below is our Westalee Quilting Rulers Low Shank Starter Set which is one of our best selling quilting ruler sets. Different shapes of the quilting rulers allow you to make up complex quilting patterns, when combined with rotation around a point then intricate circle, wreath, feather and flower patterns are possible.

To see full details on our Westalee Quilting Rulers click here.

Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Set - Low Shank
Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Set - Low Shank - view 1Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Set - Low Shank - view 2

Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Set - Low Shank

Ref: 11618

In stock

Open up a world of quilt opportunities on your domestic sewing machine with the Westalee Ruler Foot. The Westalee Foot is a true 1/2" diameter foot that is compatible with all Low Westalee quilting templates.

The Starter Set includes the Westalee Ruler Foot, a 12" Arc Template and a strip of Stable Tape. We recommend starting with this set because the Arc Template is an essential tool for stitching lines and curves - watch the video to find out more. The Stable Tape is a grip tape that is applied to the template that helps it to grip the top of the quilt sandwich as you quilt.

You might also be interested in our Machine Quilting Starter Set (12580).

Part Number: WF-PKGNEW LS



Quilting Rulers for Fabric

Quilting Rulers for Fabric

If you are looking for a quilting ruler to cut fabric then we have a large selection of rulers and templates that are designed for this. All of our rulers work on the same basic principle that a ruler, rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat is used to help you cut the fabric. This is so much more accurate than using a pair of scissors.

In the picture you can see the fabric is placed underneath the ruler and on top of the rotary cutting mat. The rotary cutter is then run along the side of the ruler and rotates as it cuts and moves along the ruler. 4- 6 layers of fabric can be cut at the same time using this method.

Below is our best selling quilting ruler set. To see all our rotary cutting sets which include quilting rulers then click here.

Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set
Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set - view 1Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set - view 2Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set - view 3Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set - view 4Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set - view 5Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set - view 6

Omnigrip Deluxe Large Rotary Cutting Set

Ref: 13281

Save £10 on the individual priced products

Our Omnigrip Deluxe Large Set comprises the Omnimat 24"x36" 60xmx90cm Double Sided Rotary Cutting Mat (13197), the 6"x24" Omnigrip Ruler (8802) and the Olfa 45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter (7410).

Large 24"x36" Omnimat Double Sided, Imperial and metric, Light Green (13197). The largest Omnimat available. This double sided A1 rotary cutting mat is in light green with white markings. This cutting mat is designed specifically for rotary cutting and has accurate left and right handed grids. The surface is harder than most other cutting mats to keep your blades sharper. Craft knives should not be used on rotary cutting mats.

6" x 24" Omnigrip Ruler (8802). An all-purpose basic ruler for beginners to advanced. If you're wondering which ruler to get first - this is it! Includes 30, 45 and 60 degree angle markings plus 1/8" markings throughout. The 24" length stretches across the width of fabric as unfolded from the bolt, making it easy to cut long strips.

Omnigrip patchwork rulers are made from heavy duty acrylic. They have neon-coloured markings and slide easily across fabric. press down and the backing "grips" the fabrics so you can rotary-cut with confidence. Use right or left handed without flipping.

Olfa 45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter (7410). A rolling razor blade that's perfect for all of your sewing and quilting needs. Sharp enough to cut through more than 6 layers of fabric, making quick work of your strip, block, and pattern cutting. Comfortable ergonomic handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue, and dual-action safety lock allows the blade to lock open for comfort and closed for safety. Blade is made of high quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. For right- and left-handed use.

Produced by: Cotton Patch

Part Number: 13281



Quilting Rulers for Patchwork Shapes

Quilting Rulers for Patchwork Shapes

In the image you can see close up of a patchwork block within a quilt. The patchwork block design is made up of many different patchwork shapes. Half square and quarter square triangles, diamonds, rectangles and squares. The quilting designs then help to offset and accentuate this design.

We have split our rulers into different categories depending upon which finishsed patchwork shape you would like. Quilting ruler shapes

One of our most popular ruler sets is Marti Michell's Set A Ruler pack and you can see this below.

Marti Michell Templates - 3
Marti Michell Templates - 3" Square Basic. Set A - view 1Marti Michell Templates - 3" Square Basic. Set A - view 2Marti Michell Templates - 3" Square Basic. Set A - view 3

Marti Michell Templates - 3" Square Basic. Set A

Ref: 868

In stock

Laser cut acrylic templates designed to maximise speed and efficiency of cutting and piecing. Double-blunt corners allow perfect alignment. 7 squares and triangular pieces to make designs based on a 3" square. Makes 9", 12" or 15" blocks.

Produced by: Marti Michell

Part Number: 8251



Marti Michell Quilting Ruler Video

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