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Quilting Templates

Quilting Templates

There are three main types of quilting templates that we supply. Templates for cutting out your patchwork pieces, stencils for marking out your quilting designs on your quilt and free motion quilting templates.

Quilting Templates for patchwork pieces

Using a rotary cutter and acrylic quilting template you can cut out a large variety of different shapes. Marti Michell's Perfect Patchwork Template system are specially designed to help create a wide assortment of patchwork block shapes.

To see our patchwork templates section please click here.

Quilting Templates for quilting designs

One of the key elements of a patchwork quilt is the quilting design that ties the quilt top, wadding sandwich and quilt back together. Popular designs such as feathers, celtic designs, hearts and leaves can be used. Quilting stencils allow you to plan out and mark your design before hand before hand stitching.

To see our quilting stencils section please click here.

Quilting Templates for free motion quilting

An alternative to hand stitching your quilting design is to use our free-motion quilting templates that can be used with your sewing machine. The Westalee free motion quilting foot attaches to your machine and works with the acrylic quilting templates to create a wide range of quilting shapes

To see our quilting templates for machine quilting section please click here.
Quilting Templates for patchwork and quilting

Quilting Templates for patchwork and quilting

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