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Reynolds Freezer Paper

Reynolds Freezer Paper

Ref: 834

In stock

Freezer Paper but not for freezing! 50 square feet (15inch x 13 1/3 yds, 38.1cm x 12.19m) of Reynolds Freezer Paper, the versatile product that most quilters use for applique.

To use Reynolds® Freezer Paper in quilting, trace quilting design onto dull side of freezer paper, cut it out and iron shiny side onto the fabric. Cut out the fabric around the design, allowing 1/4" seam allowance. Fold the fabric seam allowance under the freezer paper and stitch the applique onto the background fabric. Pull out the freezer paper through a small area left unstitched.

Produced by: Reynolds

Part Number: 1048

Ean Number: 010900003902



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