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Roxanne Glue Baste It 2 Way Applicator

Roxanne Glue Baste It 2 Way Applicator

Ref: 12892

In stock

2 Way Applicator. Small tip: Excellent for positoning appliques with tiny dots. Wide top: ideal for applying sashings for quilt-as-go projects. Turn wide tip sideways for a narrower line of glue.

Water soluble glue. Great for appliqué, quilt bindings or anything requiring a firm, but not permanent, hold. Recommended by many teachers.

This incredible appliqué glue is 100% water-soluble, dries in minutes, holds firmly until you want to loosen it, and does not feel stiff when dry. Contains no dyes, waxes to harmful chemicals, pH neutral, non-toxic and safe for children.

Great for scrapbooking, appliqué work, quilt binding, chenille strips - use anywhere you would normally use pins.

1.5oz (44ml) bottle.

Produced by: Roxanne

Part Number: RX-GL15



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