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Seam Rollers, Sewing, Patchwork

Seam Rollers for Patchwork and Sewing

Get your seams nice and flat with these seam rollers designed for sewing and patchwork & quilting.

Wooden Seam Roller

Wooden Seam Roller

Ref: 9897

In stock

We all know you should press your seams as you go, but getting up to go to the ironing board is not always convenient. This sturdy, wooden, bevelled roller glides over a sewn seam pressing it right there beside your sewing machine without you needing to move! Ideal for all your patchwork seams, but particularly for any curved seam such as Drunkard's Path, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Double Wedding Ring and any curved pieced seam.

The bevelled edges of the roller eliminate the two"tram" lines that can occur with other flat rollers.

Produced by: Curve Master

Part Number: SeamRoller



Clover Roll & Press
Clover Roll & Press - view 1Clover Roll & Press - view 2Clover Roll & Press - view 3

Clover Roll & Press

Ref: 13937

In stock

Use roller to press a seam or fold. Works with straight, curved or paper pierced seams and with laminates. Quick, portable and ergonomic. Won't pull, stretch or distort the fabric.

Tapered wheel focuses pressure on the seam. Prevents a seam impression on the right side of the fabric. Can also be used to seal glued seams on leather and felt.

Produced by: Clover

Part Number: 7812



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