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Point Turners and Creasers

Point Turners, Creasers and Stuffers

A wide variety of tools for turning points, creating creases, stuffing and prodding for lots of little sewing tasks.

That Purple Thang

That Purple Thang

Ref: 8368

It pushes, pokes, stuffs, turns. Every quilter, crafter, seamstress needs one! A very handy gadget.

Produced by: Little Foot

Part Number: That Purple



Clover Point 2 Point Turner
Clover Point 2 Point Turner - view 1Clover Point 2 Point Turner - view 2Clover Point 2 Point Turner - view 3

Clover Point 2 Point Turner

Ref: 13734

In stock

Turn every point perfectly. Features two turner tips, hera marker, finger presser and two curved edges to push out along curved or long seams. Ideal for point turning, detail work, pressing seams or marking fabric.


Curved end with the tip for point turning
Fine tipped end for detail work
Designed to be comfortable and secure in hand when using either end

How to Use
Push corners out using either tip
Push along seam to press outward using curved end
Press a fold or seam using flat side curved end
Use edges to mark fabric

Produced by: Clover

Part Number: 7803



Wooden Seam Roller

Wooden Seam Roller

Ref: 9897

In stock

We all know you should press your seams as you go, but getting up to go to the ironing board is not always convenient. This sturdy, wooden, bevelled roller glides over a sewn seam pressing it right there beside your sewing machine without you needing to move! Ideal for all your patchwork seams, but particularly for any curved seam such as Drunkard's Path, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Double Wedding Ring and any curved pieced seam.

The bevelled edges of the roller eliminate the two"tram" lines that can occur with other flat rollers.

Produced by: Curve Master

Part Number: SeamRoller



Prym Love Corner Turner, Stuffer and Edger
Prym Love Corner Turner, Stuffer and Edger - view 1Prym Love Corner Turner, Stuffer and Edger - view 2

Prym Love Corner Turner, Stuffer and Edger

Ref: 13020

In stock

Corner turner, stuffer and edge shaper in mint with white spots. Part of the Love range from Prym.
An asymmetrical end and the rounded blunt tip, enables you to turn over corners and edges and stuff pockets without damaging the fabric. Unlike knives or scissors which are often used for this purpose, this tool from Prym has no sharp edges but rather a rounded tip, making it the perfect moulding aid when sewing cases, small bags and much more. In addition, the corner and edge shaper is also suitable for spreading out and pressing seams without ironing. Also useful for other handicrafts, the corner and edge shaper can easily fold felt, paper or cardboard.

Produced by: Prym

Part Number: 610192



Hera Chalkless Fabric Marker (Clover)

Hera Chalkless Fabric Marker (Clover)

Ref: 391

In stock

Plastic tool for creasing sharp lines directly onto fabric.

Produced by: Clover

Part Number: 490/NV



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