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Tilda Jubilee Collection Fabric Roll

Tilda Jubilee Collection Fabric Roll

Ref: 4028JR

In stock

All 20 fabrics from the Tilda Jubileefabric range, ech of the designs is repeated, includes 40 strips in total. Fabrics are cut to 2 1/2" by 42" approximately.

This year Tilda turns 25, and are celebrating with their new range called Jubilee. Perfect for birthday and jubilee celebrations, with reds, blues, trals, yellows and pinks. Fabric designs have been gathered from previous collections over the years. The Circus Life design is from the Circus 2017 collection, and has been matched up with a selection of designs with a handdrawn look going back to 2016.

Designed by: Tilda

Fabric produced by: Tilda

Material: Cotton

Part Number: 300919

Animals: Birds:



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