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Vilene Double Sided Fusible Fleece (HH650) (per 1/4 metre)

Vilene Double Sided Fusible Fleece (HH650) (per 1/4 metre)

Ref: 9848

In stock

Please note the minimum order quantity is a half metre. So you must enter at least 2 in the Quantity field.

The price shown above is per quarter metre. Fabric can be purchased in quarter metre units. For example, if you wish to order 1 ½ metres enter “6” as the quantity (6 x 1/4m = 1 ½ metres). The fabric will be sent as a single piece.

Double-sided iron-on volume fleece for patchwork, clothing (individual double-face look) and other handicrafts.

Fabric: Wool, silk, viscose, cotton, synthetics, fabric blends

Can be ironed-on from both sides
Efficient use with little wastage
Two materials are ironed together in one step
Pleasant soft feel- Ideal for patchwork projects
Very good for clothing items: e.g. waistcoats, jackets
Washable and dry cleanable

Method of use:
Place the Vilene HH 650 between the two fabrics to be stuck together; make sure that there are no folds or pulls; it is particularly important to iron carefully.
With waistcoats and jackets we recommend you to test a sufficiently large area to check the adhesion and look of both fabrics.
Tip: Secure the joined fabrics either by appropriate seams or through additional quilting.
Ironing: With a damp cloth, iron setting wool/cotton, iron each area for about 15 seconds.

Washable in temperatures up to 30 °C in the gentle cycle, dry cleanable

Colours / Measurements: White; Width 150 cm

Produced by: Vilene

Part Number: HH650



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