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Vlieseline Lamifix Matt (per 1/4 metre)

Vlieseline Lamifix Matt (per 1/4 metre)
Vlieseline Lamifix Matt (per 1/4 metre) - view 1Vlieseline Lamifix Matt (per 1/4 metre) - view 2Vlieseline Lamifix Matt (per 1/4 metre) - view 3

Ref: 12443

In stock

Lamifix Matt is now discontinued.

Lamifix Matt is a transparent, fusible and wet cleanable film. It can be used for fabric bowls, toiletery bags, place mats, bags and other textile crafts. 45cm wide.

How to Use Lamifix:

1. Place Lamifix matt with readable edge print side facing upwards (i.e. so you read it) on the right side of the fabric, cover with
a dry cloth.
2. Iron setting: Wool/Cotton (almost ).
3. Iron on lightly, then cut out precisely.
4. Afterwards cover again with a dry cloth and press on the iron firmly, each area for about 8 sec.
5. Let it cool down well.

Important: Wipe with a damp cloth only - do not wash.

TIP: Start to cut out Lamifix matt from the unprinted edge, so that you can see on the leftover from which side you have to iron.

Vlieseline was previously known as Vilene

Produced by: Vlieseline

Part Number: Lamifix Matt


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