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Westalee Block Design Kit

Westalee Block Design Kit

Ref: 13577

In stock

Create your own quilting designs. Kit includes:

- 12" x 12" Design Auditioning Block. 3mm acrylic marked with 8 point crosshair reference lines.
- 6 sheets of 11" x 11" Graph Paper (2 sheets with 32 point rotation lines, 2 sheets with 24 point rotation lines and 2 sheets with a ½” grid.
- Stitching Line Discs

When Leonie began teaching with rulers and templates she used an “auditioning block”, an acrylic sheet to show how a design would look in a quilt without stitching it out. Placing the acrylic over graph paper, she would draw out the design onto the acrylic using a whiteboard marker. The acrylic was then placed on top of the quilt to see how it would look on the actual fabric.

This Design Kit follows the same principle: place the graph paper that suits your design the best under the acrylic (the ½” grid is good for borders and sashing). Trace around your chosen template(s) onto the acrylic block using the Stitching Line Discs (these discs add a 1/4" to mimic the Ruler Foot). The acrylic has a hole in the middle so you can use the pin location system for rotating templates. Audition your block on your quilt and if you are happy with it keep it as a reference while you are quilting then wipe it clean for your next block.

Produced by: Westalee

Part Number: WDK



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