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Westalee Ruler Crosshair Square 8.5" 5 Point

Westalee Ruler Crosshair Square 8.5

Ref: 13202

In stock

6 Point Crosshair square in an 8½” size which is more convenient if you are working on smaller blocks or for travelling to class etc.

Reference lines give more accurate spacing when quilting, particularly when using rotating templates. On a domestic machine the quilt is not taut as on a longarm machine and there can be movement of the quilt sandwich that can make it difficult to use the rotating lines on the templates. Use for marking 5 (72°) or 10 (36°) or 20 (18°) reference lines.

Made from clear cast acrylic. Suitable for a variety of markers.

Produced by: Westalee

Part Number: CHS5PT-8.5



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