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Westalee Ruler Spin-e-Fex Curly Q’s 6 Piece “Even” Set - High Shank

Westalee Ruler Spin-e-Fex Curly Qs 6 Piece Even Set - High Shank

Ref: 11813

In stock

Create different Curly Q effects. This set contains 6 templates in even inch sizes - 2½", 4½", 6½", 8½", 10½" and 11½".

All templates include etched markings and a “key gate” for perfect stitching results.

An odd inch set is also available.

Features a Key Gate that allows you to change templates without breaking thread or raising the Foot

Please Note: You will need the appropriate Ruler Foot to use this Template

Produced by: Westalee

Part Number: WT-SCQSET2-LS



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