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Wonderfil DecoBob PreWound M Class Bobbins x 4 Col 101 Black

Wonderfil DecoBob PreWound M Class Bobbins x 4 Col 101 Black

Ref: 11237-101

4 prewound bobbins of Wonderfil Decobob in Colour 101 Black. There are 210yds on each bobbin and the bobbins are class M and plastic sided.

DecoBob is recommended as a general bobbin thread for all types of professional work, machine embroidery and thread painting in particular. The thread is tightly wound on high quality AS bobbins which are re-usable. Unlike most other prewound bobbins, DecoBob prewound is free of any chemical adhesive to ensure unhindered delivery of the thread. This also avoids the build up of undesired residue (dried adhesive) in both the bobbin case and machine.

•80wt cottonized soft polyester
•Consistent in tension to give regular and even stitching
•Reduces build up of bobbin thread to enhance sewing result
•High tenacity - works well even with heavy top thread
•Matte finished to blend with most fabric
•Minimal bobbin tension adjustment is required
•Rich in texture offering ideal gripping characteristic

Thread produced by: Wonderfil

Material: Polyester

Part Number: DBLM-101



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