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YLI Thread: Glazed Hand Quilting Thread, Grey

YLI Thread: Glazed Hand Quilting Thread, Grey

Ref: 14310-011

In stock

YLI Hand Quilting Thread on 500 yard spool. The glazed finish keeps it from tangling or knotting, makes it glide smoothly through the fabric layers, and simplifies needle threading.

100% Extra Long Staple Glazed Finish Egyptian Cotton. For Hand or Machine Quilting. excellent colour fastness.

Please note: This YLI hand quilting thread is a slightly different formulation to the original thread which we have sold for many years. This is a 500 yard reel as opposed to the 400 or 1000 yard that you might of previously had.

Produced by: YLI

Material: Cotton

Part Number: 211-05-002



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