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YLI Wash-A-Way Thread

YLI Wash-A-Way Thread

Ref: 371

Water soluble basting thread. Used in machine trapunto techniques. 90m/100yards

Wash-A-Way water soluble thread helps you avoid the frustration of removing bastng stitches. Wash-A-Way is a dream come true for both machine and hand basting. It is a time saver for all kinds of basting, including basting zippers, hems, gathers, pleats, set-in sleeves, positioning pockets, fitting and quilting and applique.

Wash-A-Way will dissolve in water but not in dry cleaning. Use only with fabrics that will not be harmed by water or steam. Recommended that you sew a test sample on a scrap of fabric and then disolve Wash-A-Way in water.

Quilting. Worry no longer abut quilting over your basting thread. Baste quilt together with Wash-A-Way by machine or hand. After it's completed, wash it and the Wash-A-Way disappears without a trace.

Wash-A-Way is best stored ina dry place, such as a zip lock bag or plastic wrap. Keep dry at all times.

Produced by: YLI

Part Number: 4207



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