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Effie's Woods

Effie's Woods

Effie's Woods

When Deb Strain's first granddaughter, Effie, was born, her nursery theme was bunnies. Friendly, sweet bunnies. She painted a few watercolours for her room, and that inspired her to create this cozy collection.

Effie's Woods are filled with kind, clever, curious animals, as well as ferns, mushrooms, and berries. The colours are soft, and gender-neutral - and the watercolour feel of the artwork is perfect for a cherished little one. Creating a project with this woodland theme, Effie's Woods will tell the receiver that "You Are Loved."

Effie's Woods Jelly Roll
Effie's Woods Jelly Roll - view 1Effie's Woods Jelly Roll - view 2

Effie's Woods Jelly Roll

Ref: 9104JR

In stock

A selection of 40 fabrics from Deb Strain's 'Effie's Woods' collection for Moda, cut to 2.5" x 44" strips.

Designed by: Deb Strain

Fabric produced by: Moda

Material: Cotton

Part Number: 56010JR



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