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Hugo's Amazing Tape

Hugo's Amazing Tape 50' Roll 1
Hugo's Amazing Tape 50' Roll 1" Wide - view 1Hugo's Amazing Tape 50' Roll 1" Wide - view 2Hugo's Amazing Tape 50' Roll 1" Wide - view 3

Hugo's Amazing Tape 50' Roll 1" Wide

Ref: 12697

In stock

Hugo's Amazing Tape is a clear tape that sticks to itself but does not have a sticky residue. Hundrends of uses, Reusable.

Perfect for wrapping around thread spools to keep unruly threads in place.

1. Cut desired length of clean tape from roll allowing for genrous overlap of tape.
2. Stretch Amazing Tape as you wrap and finish by strecthing and pressing to itself.

Testimonials from Hugo's Amazing Tape

Awesome stuff!
I use this to keep my spools of sewing thread from unwinding and becoming a tangled mess. Works great and is re-useable over and over.

Does what it claims
I use it to tape boardgames cards, and works excellent without damaging the cards. Great Product.

Hugo’s tape is great!
Hugo’s tape sticks to itself and does not leave a glue residue on thread. I wrap it around my embroidery thread spools rather than using sticky tape to hold the thread. Keeps thread from unwrapping and tangling.

Awesome tape
This is awesome!!!!!!!! I was so tired of thread tails everywhere. Now I just add a little of Hugo’s tape and NO more tails or tangles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

I have a embroidery shop and I use this re-usable tape o all my spools of thread. It is the best!!!! I wouldn’t ever want to be without it! If you never tried this. please do…I promise you that you will be very happy with it!!!!

Produced by: Hugo's Amazing Tape

Part Number: 60139



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