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Loop Turners

Loop Turners

Get your fabric tubes, straps or belt loops turned the right way round with these loop turner sets

Clover Easy Loop Turner

Clover Easy Loop Turner

Ref: 7189

In stock

For turning tubes or binding strips the right way out. Cord or wadding can then be inserted using the Easy Turn.

Produced by: Clover

Part Number: 472



Prym Fabric Turning Set
Prym Fabric Turning Set  - view 1Prym Fabric Turning Set  - view 2

Prym Fabric Turning Set

Ref: 13906

Practical turning of self-made fabric tubes
Plastic tube plus turning rod in bamboo
2 sizes for fabric tubes with a tunnel width from 19 mm

Whether for strap or belt loops, this practical turning set from the Prym Love range makes turning of fabric tubes to the right side much easier and is therefore a particularly helpful sewing accessory. Depending on the size of the turning set you choose, you can effortlessly turn right side out any size of self-made fabric tube from narrow belt loops to bag handles. The fabric tube is first of all seamed on one side and then drawn over the plastic tube. You can then use the bamboo rod to push the fabric through the tube and turn it right side out. The turning set is available in two sizes: for tunnel sizes of 19 mm to 25 mm in mint (size M) and for tunnel widths of more than 25 mm in pink (size L).

Produced by: Prym

Part Number: 610189

Ean Number: 4002276101890



Prym Loop Turner 24cm long
Prym Loop Turner 24cm long - view 1Prym Loop Turner 24cm long - view 2

Prym Loop Turner 24cm long

Ref: 14087

In stock

The loop turner from the Prym collection is an aid for turning fabric tubes such as straps, belts and tunnel eyelets. The fabric tunnel is first pulled over the 24 cm long steel needle until the fastener hook is visible. Now the top of the hook fastener is pressed and closed just before the edge of the fabric. This means that the fabric can not slip off the needle during the turning operation and can be easily pulled as far until it comes out at the top end of the fabric tunnel. So simple and straightforward, the turning of fabric tunnels is greatly helped by the loop turner.

Produced by: Prym

Part Number: 611346

Ean Number: 4002276113466



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