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Marti Michell: More Bang for the Buck!

Marti Michell: More Bang for the Buck!
Marti Michell: More Bang for the Buck! - view 1Marti Michell: More Bang for the Buck! - view 2Marti Michell: More Bang for the Buck! - view 3

Ref: 20168

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Author: Marti Michell

More Bang for the Buck is a "Template ABCs" book. One of the best features on the book is a set of strip charts for 18 sets of Marti Michell templates that make square blocks. If you own Set A, B, C, D, E, Strippers, Set L, M, N, O, P Q, R, S, T, Storm at Sea Diamond Template Set and/or the From Marti Michell Flying Geese Ruler, More Bang for the Buck! will help you get more bang for your bucks!

Inside this book, you will learn -
• More ways to use Perfect Patchwork Templates
• Ways to convert ruler-cutting instructions to template cutting
• Rotary cutting tips – More specifically, template rotary cutting tips!
• Why and how to cut strips the Marti Way
• Ways to teach your templates magic tricks for cutting shapes that have no template
• Tips for cutting connector blocks
• Why you want to be a Grainline Geek!
• Why 1.414 is a quilter’s favorite number
• How to calculate fabric requirements – or just use the Strip Yield Charts!
• To make Four Patches the Marti Way –It’s faster than strips!
• To use the versatile Patchwork Trio in hundreds of block designs
• Why Square Within a Square units are so easy and accurate with templates
• And practice new techniques making the Toad in a Puddle quilt shown on the back cover and here on our website.

You will also learn to convert ruler-cut designs in books and magazines to templates... why cutting with desired grainline in mind is important... how to figure out how much yardage you need to make the quilt you want to make... using templates to cut shapes for which no templates exist... and ways to improve rotary cutting accuracy and efficiency.

Produced by: Marti Michell

Part Number: 8352

ISBN: 9780983965763



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