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Ruler Grips Patchwork & Quilting

Ruler Grips for Patchwork and Quilting

Ruler Grips for patchwork and quilting rulers can either be applied underneath to make the ruler less slippy or you can use a suction grip on top of the ruler so that you are able to press down more firmly on the ruler.

AppliGrips Ruler Adhesive Rings from TrueCut
AppliGrips Ruler Adhesive Rings from TrueCut - view 1AppliGrips Ruler Adhesive Rings from TrueCut - view 2

AppliGrips Ruler Adhesive Rings from TrueCut

Ref: 14055

In stock

For straight, accurate cuts, you need to keep your ruler from slipping. AppliGrips help you by adding a completely nonskid surface to any ruler.

77 Grips in all. 5 thin rectangles, 4 large circles, 4 medium circles, 10 small circles. 54 squares.

The perfect solution for keeping your applique templates, plastic templates or clothing from slipping. Non Slip, Non Scratch adhesive grips that can be applied to any surface. Can also be great for picture frames, ceramics or sewing machine foot pedals

The AppliGrips can be simply attached to any ruler helping to prevent your ruler slippling, increasing safety and accuracy. Transparent for easy fabric visibility.

Produced by: TrueCut

Part Number: TC-01-1017

Ean Number: 0636343171420



Sariditty Butterfly Glitter Grippers - Pack of 27
Sariditty Butterfly Glitter Grippers - Pack of 27 - view 1Sariditty Butterfly Glitter Grippers - Pack of 27 - view 2Sariditty Butterfly Glitter Grippers - Pack of 27 - view 3

Sariditty Butterfly Glitter Grippers - Pack of 27

Ref: 13820

In stock

Stick these handy grippers to the underside of your rulers and cutting templates to reduce slipping and sliding over the fabric. Recommend a 3 pressure point solution per ruler or template.

Never lose your clear templates and rulers again with these fun Butterfly Glitter Grippers.

27 per pack.

Produced by: Sariditty


Ean Number: 632096574464



Handi Grip

Handi Grip

Ref: 11042

In stock

Keep rulers and templates under control with self-adhesive gripper tape.

12 adhesive grip strips (1" x 5"). Trim to size and remove adhesibe backing to attach to rulers and rotary cutting templates

For use on any quiling ruler or template.

Holds rulers very well, escpecially for Free Machine Quilting on the sit-down and stand-up machines. Take care with fragile fabrics such as silk as the grip can be rough.

Store rulers separately to stop rulers getting scratched

Produced by: Handi Quilter

Part Number: HG10510

Ean Number: 810940020699



Invisi-Grip Roll from Omnigrid 12 1/2

Invisi-Grip Roll from Omnigrid 12 1/2" x 1 yard

Ref: 8526

Invisigrip is a clear non-slip material that is applied to the underside of rulers and templates. It is easy to apply and does not obscure the markings. When you want to apply pressure it prevents rulers from slipping but slides easily when no pressure is applied.

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: 2101

Ean Number: 762511021010



Prym Ruler Fabric Grips
Prym Ruler Fabric Grips - view 1Prym Ruler Fabric Grips - view 2

Prym Ruler Fabric Grips

Ref: 14625

Prevent rulers and templates from slipping when cutting fabric with these fabric grips from Prym.

Assist with safe guiding rotary cutters and art knives
Especially practical when cutting slippery fabrics
Transparent and self-adhesive

24 6mm self adhesive silicone circles.

Produced by: Prym

Part Number: 611246



Westalee Stable Tape

Westalee Stable Tape

Ref: 11828

In stock

Stable Tape is a self adhesive tape to help keep rulers and templates in place. Great for both domestic and longarm users. Packets of 5 Strips - cut to size

Strips are approximately 15cm long and are 1.2cm wide. They are only .6mm thick.

Simply cut to size and remove the backing paper - press in place on your template.

A 1"- 1 1/2" piece of Stable Tape placed at each side of the template is all that is needed you don't need to cover the whole template.

Produced by: Westalee

Part Number: WA-ST



EverSewn Ruler Holder Gripper
EverSewn Ruler Holder Gripper  - view 1EverSewn Ruler Holder Gripper  - view 2

EverSewn Ruler Holder Gripper

Ref: 11711

4" ruler grip in aqua. Suction diameter is 25mm

Lift rulers and templates without damaging fingernails. Use to enhance marking by helping holding templates in place.

Place and press the suction cups of your EverSewn ruler grip onto your ruler or template of choice.

Measure easily, comfortable and accurately. The suction cup can be released by slightly pressing on the ruler and lifting up on the holder.

Produced by: Eversewn

Part Number: F0180

Ean Number: 744674602527



Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid
Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid - view 1Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid - view 2Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid - view 3

Double Patchwork Ruler Grip by Omnigrid

Ref: 10302

In stock

Double Suction Cups for patchwork rulers. Provides a steady grip on your ruler and keeps fingers away from rotary blade when cutting. *Works on clean, smooth surface rulers or templates * Attaches in seconds *Easy to use!

1. Flip up both black levers to release suction cups. 2. Place Ruler Grip against surface. 3. Gently press down on Grip while flipping down both levers. 4. Position ruler or template for cutting and press down on Grip to keep ruler in place. To remove Ruler Grip, flip up both levers and slide finger under suction cups to break the seal.

Attaches best on rulers or templates at least 2.25 inches in diameter

Produced by: Omnigrid

Part Number: 2229

Ean Number: 762511022291



Westalee Template Ruler - Add a Handle

Westalee Template Ruler - Add a Handle

Ref: 12129

In stock

Add these peel-and-stick handles to your rulers and templates for a more side-to-side control and stability. They're just the right height to grip between two fingers or rest fingers over or alongside them, without being so tall that rulers become hard to store. Each pack contains 2 long, 2 medium, and two small handles. Clear acrylic with removable film on the sides.

Produced by: Westalee

Part Number: WA-H



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